Why would you play this game?

This game is designed to help you QUIT smoking.

And it is FUN!

Scientifically based on Cognitive Bias Modification and Hypnotic techniques.

A cheap and effective help to quit smoking.

Get Healthy and Smokefree without side-effects.

Observe effects already after one week.

The unique and only easy way to QUIT smoking.

For a price less than a packet of cigarettes.

Get you own copy in the app stores!


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This game will help you to quit smoking.

By throwing cigarettes away, you are altering your brain.

The bias for cigarettes is going to change gradually.

After a week you will grab less cigarettes.

In the meantime the game will help your subconscious mind to look for alternatives of smoking.

Playing for Health
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How to use Quitty

By playing Quitty everyday for 15-20 minutes, you will observe after one week a tendency to grab less cigarettes. How many weeks you will have to continue playing, depends on how many years you have been smoking, how many cigarettes you smoke and your motivation to stop.

Play minimum of five days a week.

For women who are pregnant and people who are booked for an operation, Quitty is a good help to stop temporarily. May be it is for ever.

Please share your experiences with us, we are still working out the best ways to use Quitty.

Nali Trybou op 4 nov. 2015

Gestopt met roken na drie keer half uur dit spel te spelen Nagenoeg geen ontwenningsverschijnselen wilde gewoon niet meer roken echt super app! Had voorheen al alles geprobeerd! Ben dolgelukkig